People and their Pets – Jilly and Mia

Jan Llewellyn, Jilly and Mia.
Jan Llewellyn, Jilly and Mia.

Beaudesert’s Jan Llewellyn, Jilly the 16-year-old Koolie border collie cross and Mia the 14-year-old Maltese cross are wonderful companions for each other.

Jan has never been without a dog and treats her four-legged friends like family. She has had Jilly and Mia, both rescue dogs, since they were puppies, and continues to care tenderly for them in their twilight years.

Here is what Jan has to say about Jilly and Mia:

“All Jilly ever wanted to do was run and not listen, so she came to me off a farm when she was four months old. Mia came to me at seven weeks of age with broken legs, when I’d just lost my Chihuahua cross. All my dogs have been rescues,” she said.

“Jilly got more or less expelled from obedience club when she was very young, because she was very bored with learning how to sit, stop, stay. Both Mia and Jilly are quite deaf now, and I have to do sign language for them.”

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