The Next Level of Aged Care for Beaudesert

A 3D concept plan of the Wongaburra redevelopment. Credit: O’Neill Architecture.
A 3D concept plan of the Wongaburra redevelopment. Credit: O’Neill Architecture.

Wongaburra Aged Care is set to undergo a $25 million redevelopment which Chairperson Noela Lee says will take Beaudesert’s first aged care facility to the next level.

“Even though we provide exceptional care to our residents, the older buildings do not meet the modern expectations of our future clients,” said Mrs Lee.

“We are looking at replacing many of the facilities in a three stage redevelopment over the next two years.”

Wongaburra opened in 1970 and has had ​ many additions and makeovers, however some of the original buildings ​are no longer in use.  

Currently Wongaburra has 125 beds with 64 in the section built in 2007 and 61 in the older part.

With the new development Wongaburra will become a 136 bed residential aged care facility. The redevelopment will be completed over two stages to ensure minimal impact to residents.

“This will mean that none of the residents  will be transferred to any other facilities,” said Mrs Lee.

The redevelopment of the site will incorporate a 72-bed modern facility, individual rooms with ensuites, with access to outdoor areas. Currently the majority of rooms in the older buildings have shared ensuites.

The redevelopment will also incorporate a new modern kitchen, laundry, café, Bob Berg community room and new carparking areas.  

The project will be funded by a $10 million grant through ACAR and the remainder funded by Wongaburra through a loan and cash reserves.

Applications for tender will be released by the end of 2022, and the Board is hoping to start the project in 2023.  

It is envisaged that Stage 1 will be completed early in 2024 and the entire project completed by December 2024.

Mrs Lee said the redevelopment will have many benefits.  

“Wongaburra is one of the largest employers in Beaudesert, and once complete the project will bring additional employment and training opportunities, as well as better facilities for residents.”

“It will be so much better.  The layout is beautiful, open and airy.  The quality of life for residents will be a lot better.”

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