Paulette and Portia

Paulette Watson and Portia the Papillion.
Paulette Watson and Portia the Papillion.

Portia the Papillion and Paulette Watson are virtually inseparable.

Paulette got Portia, now 6, as a puppy and named her after Portia the Merchant of Venice.

Paulette trained Portia as a tracking dog and the pair travel around for tracking events with Dogs Queensland and can also be seen around town going for walks and doing U3A activities together.

Here’s what Paulette has to say about Portia:

“I’ve always liked high energy, smart dogs but as you get older you need to downsize a bit, so I’ve gone from a Doberman in my 20s, then they got a bit rambunctious, so I went down to a cattle dog then I got down to a Papillion,” she said.

“They have two sections of tracking, in the bush and in the city, and Portia does them both well – she’s made it to Tracking Champion in the bush and now she’s doing Track and Search – which is the urban – and next year she’ll reach the Champion title for that too. She’s a great companion and she goes everywhere with me.”

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