Anniversary Reunites Community

"The Venue For Many Memorable Events"

Colin Tilley, Ted Lewis, Lani Deeran, Ray Dennis, Ray Drynan and Lynton Blanch.
Colin Tilley, Ted Lewis, Lani Deeran, Ray Dennis, Ray Drynan and Lynton Blanch.

The 70th Anniversary of Tamrookum Hall brought friends and families together.

The celebrations, spread across the weekend of 2 and 3 April recognised the history of the building which was built in 1952 and has been restored over the past year.

Hall Committee President, Lani Deeran, said the restoration was made possible by the efforts of the community, as well as over $127,000 in grants from local, state and federal government.

Pictured with Mrs Deeran are Colin Tilley, Ted Lewis, Ray Dennis, Ray Drynan and Lynton Blanch all of whom assisted with the original construction of the hall.

Mr Tilley said they were all children at the time and were helping their fathers with the construction.

Tamrookum Hall has been the venue for many memorable events, according to Tamrookum Hall President Lani Deeran.

Mrs Deeran has been the driving force behind the renovation of the 70 year old hall and the celebrations to mark the anniversary.

At the Ball on Saturday 2 April Mrs Deeran said, “If you think it’s a little crowded here tonight with just over 200 in attendance, please spare a thought for the opening night when 631 attended the grand opening of this hall.”

She described it as “the venue for many memorable events” including many couples’ first dance, where they met, break-ups and proposals.

Tamrookum Hall Patron Nell Sykes cutting the cake.

Ball gowns, dancing shoes and music by Chatanooga brought the hall to life on Saturday night, with the dancing continued with music by Mike Woollett on Sunday morning prior to a high tea.

Many of the women present had held the title of Miss or Mrs Tamrookum, with the sashes kept as a treasured memory.

Helen Abercrombie (nee Radke) was the first Miss Tamrookum in 1969.

“The sash has never been worn, being the first one it hadn’t been printed yet.  So every month after I won I sent a letter to the Hall committee asking for my sash,” said Helen.

The sash remained wrapped in the original tissue paper until the 70th Anniversary celebrations when Helen finally had the opportunity to wear it.

Shirley Schwarz was Miss Tamrookum three times – in 1985, 1988 and 1991.

Shirley and her daughters, Karen and Michele, wore one of the sashes each on the night.

Mandy Creedy (nee Jenner) was brought up in the district attending dances with her parents. 

Now living in her family home with her husband Matt and children Millie-Ella, Miia-Lea and Marcas; she welcomed the opportunity to bring her children to one of the Tamrookum Hall dances.

Mrs Deeran and her committee spent months tracking down Miss and Mrs Tamrookum for each year, with only the 1984 Mrs Tamrookum still a mystery.

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