Our Little Shop in Our Little Town

The team from Our Little Shop - Zarley Philp, Jacqui Stephan and Karen Dickson.
The team from Our Little Shop - Zarley Philp, Jacqui Stephan and Karen Dickson.

When you first walk into Our Little Shop, you’re greeted with a big smile from Jacqui Stephan and the fresh smells of locally made candles.

Jacqui worked at the Toyota dealership in Beaudesert for ten years and felt like it was time for a change. 

“I’ve always had a dream to open my own shop up in Beaudesert and Our Little Shop is the reality of that dream,” Jacqui said.

Our Little Shop went through many idea changes before its grand opening. 

“My main idea for Our Little Shop was to be a Christmas shop.  But sometimes you have to compromise,” she said. 

“I had to look at it a different way. I knew we were lacking a few things in Beaudesert since Target shut down, so I thought I would put a little bit of everything in here and let the shop decide which way it goes”.

Our Little Shop is filled with local, national, and international items from candles and creams to children’s clothes and toys. 

“We try to source items from within the Scenic Rim and Australian made and owned businesses,” she said. 

Even though a bit of everything sells really well, one of Jacqui’s biggest sellers are the Australian made candles.

“We have candles from many Australian businesses such as Byron Bay Candles, Three-Suns Candles from Sydney which a mother and son started in their kitchen, and Mojo Candles which come in recycled wine and beer bottles,” she said. 

Jacqui’s main goal with Our Little Shop is to make sure that there is something there for everyone.

“You can come into Our Little Shop and find something for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas,” she said. “We currently have a collection of Christmas items such as Christmas trees, ornaments, garlands and Christmas Cards”.

Pop in and see Jacqui at Our Little Shop, 13A William Street, Beaudesert or phone the shop on 0456 721 643 for enquiries.

Can’t wait for Christmas? Drop into Our Little Shop!

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