Old School Buddies will Reunite

Peter Venz, Barbara Moss, Gwen Burgess and Mark McCabe.
Peter Venz, Barbara Moss, Gwen Burgess and Mark McCabe.

Half a century on from their youth at Beaudesert High, alumni will gather for their anticipated ’50 + 1’ year reunion on 23 April.

Students who started high school from 1969 to 1973, and any teachers from those years, are being encouraged to catch up on old times.

The reunion, originally for students who finished year 10 in 1971, has been years in the making and was postponed due to Covid in 2021.

Alumni will travel from as far as Tasmania, Canberra and Sydney for the event and organisers are hoping at least 60 people will attend.

Among those working hard behind the scenes is local character Mark McCabe, a passionate history buff who will even don the old brown and yellow school uniform for the occasion.

Mr McCabe and fellow organisers Gwen Burgess, Barbara Moss and Peter Venz caught up with the Beaudesert Bulletin to reminisce ahead of the reunion.

They recalled more regimented times, when they had to wear their uniforms immaculately and lugged ports full of books to school on pushbike, on foot or on the bus.

In those days the cane was still in use, and you didn’t want to get caught playing up.

“The principal Edgar Wass would wander around school with a cane up his sleeve and this particular day I was in class mucking around with my cousin,” Mark said.

“He marched into the classroom, gave us two cuts and left. He was a tough man – discipline was his forte.” 

They also remembered getting together to watch the moon landing in 1969, the excitement of student teacher footy games and cross country races that were truly cross country.

“We used to race through Shirleys Paddock and follow the river along, across Waters Creek and up onto the oval,” Barbara said.

The reunion will be at Stationmaster House on 23 April. The registration desk will open from 9am, a bus will take guests to Beaudesert High for a guided tour and Beaudesert Rotary will cater a $25 two course lunch for guests (RSVP essential for catering).

For more information, look up ‘Beaudesert High School Reunion – Year 10 1971 – 50 Year + 1 Anniversary’ on Facebook, email grade10bshs1971@gmail.com or phone Mark on 0412 629 377.

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