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Makayla Stephan, Ngari Paulson and Alannah O'Leary H SC 2
Makayla Stephan, Ngari Paulson and Alannah O'Leary.

The Mununjali dialect of the Yugambeh language is being brought to life in Jubilee Park through a series of storyboards from the children’s book, Jarjum Gurema.

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Beaudesert’s 10-page Story Walk, nestled in garden beds near the playground, is based on the locally created book, which was Highly Commended in the 2022 Queensland Reconciliation Awards.

The storyboards are linked via QR code to videos of local Mununjali man and star footballer Jamal Fogarty reading Jarjum Gurema.

The pages depict greetings like ‘Minyaghu’ or ‘Jingeri’ (hello), ‘Baugull bujera’ (good morning), ‘Baugull inala’ (good night) and ‘Nya-nyah-bu’ (see you later).

They also depict totems including ‘Gullinini (waterhen), ‘Borobi’ (koala), ‘Mibunn’ (eagle), ‘Gromun’ (old man kangaroo), ‘Kagaru’ (kookaburra), ‘Jalumm’ (fish), ‘Jitta jitta’ (willy wagtail) and ‘Maron’ (sand goanna).

The storyboards are rounded out with an animal song in language called, ‘Nongunn’, to the tune of Frere Jacque, to help people remember the language words.

Local children who coloured in the artworks for Jarjum Gurema were proud to see their work displayed and their culture celebrated in the park.

“It’s good for the little ones to remember their culture so it’s not forgotten,” said Alannah O’Leary, 12.

“Through the process of doing this I learned some things and taught some things to the little ones.”

Jarjum Gurema was a collaboration between Mununjali Housing and Development Company Limited and the Scenic Rim Regional Council First Five Forever Program.

It was supported by staff and families of Mununjali Jabu Jabuny Club and Mununjali Playgroup, Yugambeh Museum Language Translation Services, Jamal Fogarty, Levinge Events, the Queensland Government and the State Library of Queensland.

 Mayor Greg Christensen said the Story Walk was for young and old, locals and visitors.

“The Story Walks are an innovative and delightful way for children and adults to enjoy reading and the outdoors at the same time,” he said.

“This is a great way to encourage children’s love of reading from an early age and for families to spend time outdoors together.”

 “This beautifully illustrated book… has brought the wider community together through the sharing of stories, cultures and values and strengthened relationships between the Indigenous community and education providers.”

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