Christmas Comes to Wongaburra Residents

Wongaburra resident Jean Sargeant shopping at the Christmas Market.
Wongaburra resident Jean Sargeant shopping at the Christmas Market.

The Christmas Markets came to Wongaburra recently as residents enjoyed browsing from a range of local businesses.

Wongaburra Marketing Manager, Robert Campbell said because many of the aged care facility’s residents have limited mobility, it made sense to bring the shops to them.

“If we take people out we can only take so many wheelchairs at a time,” he said.

“So to give more people access to a Christmas shopping service, we asked some of the local businesses to come to us.”

“It meets everyone’s needs – the local shops are supported and our residents are able to do their Christmas shopping.”

Wongaburra resident Jean Sargeant, has lived  at the facility for two years and was delighted to be able to choose gifts for her family members.

“You can see how many people are coming here to look through, it is needed and it is a lovely way to do our Christmas shopping.”

Businesses supporting the Markets included Amcal Chemist, Beaudesert Newsagency and Beauview Trade as well as several smaller craft based businesses with handmade items.

The businesses that supported the market each brought a small selection of giftware and Christmas decorations for the residents to choose from.

Elaine from Beauview Trade said the invitation to attend had come at short notice but she was happy that they were able to attend.

“We packed everything up this morning and I think it is a great idea!”

Cathy Batchelor from Beaudesert News had a range of gifts, cards and decorations for Wongaburra residents to purchase.

“It is really about supporting the community,” she said.

“We are very happy to be invited and would be part of it again next year.  For the couple of hours we are here it is great to see the people coming through and to be able to provide this service.”

 Wongaburra is currently looking for community members to volunteer with one on one time with residents and helping with activities.

For more information phone 5540 1400.

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