Appetite for change

Tom Sharp
Tom Sharp

TOM Sharp looks set to be the new Mayor of Scenic Rim.

Outgoing Mayor Greg Christensen conceded defeat after two terms and offered his congratulations to fellow candidate Tom Sharp following the March 16 vote.

It was Sharp’s third tilt at the Mayoralty and as at March 20, he had 46.56 per cent of the official first preference count followed by Jeff McConnell on 35.99 per cent and Christensen on 17.45 per cent. 

As at March 20, 2024, no winner had been officially declared.

Determined to serve

THE Scenic Rim’s expected incoming Mayor and Division Four Councillor have one thing in common already. They are determined to serve.

Both Tom Sharp and Jennifer Sanders have claimed victory in the 2024 local government election after both campaigning without getting the win in 2016 and 2020.

Sanders served as Division Four Councillor at Scenic Rim Regional Council from 2012 to 2016, contested Division Four against Cr Michael Enright in 2016 and 2020 and also contested the Division One by-election on Tamborine Mountain last year.

When Sharp first ran for Mayor in 2016, he came fifth out of five candidates with 15.4 per cent of the first preference votes, compared with a confident 46.56 per cent at time of print in the 2024 election.

Sharp’s father, Geoff Sharp, served as a Beaudesert Shire Councillor for 20 years and his great great grandfather, J T Burnett, served as a councillor and founding chairman of Normanby Shire (Harrisville).

Sharp said he could not have done it alone.

“I had a visible and active team, full of energy,” he said.

“It was a true grassroots campaign. I got out, I doorknocked all over the region, went anywhere and everywhere I could to meet and greet people and supporters were also out there spreading the word.”

Sharp, who has essentially been on the campaign trail since before the 2016 local government elections, said he had built invaluable relationships along the way.

“In 2016 I knew nothing about elections but stood and had a crack and had a belief and a passion, learned a lot, met some amazing people and they were the foundations,” he said.

“I think that commitment to serve the people, to run three times, resonated with the people. People don’t often run three times.”

Sanders, who at time of print had 71.7 per cent of the first preference votes, thanked her supporters.

“Thank you so very much for your support and for putting your faith in me at voting time. The result shows the amount of work, time and dedication I bring to my community and this role,” she said.

“The area is huge, and the challenges are enormous.  I thank everyone who took the time to wish me well and encourage me on those long, long days.

“I have a big list of things to do and to work on. I will do my very best to be your community representative at Council. Together we can make it better. Now the work begins.”

Results as at March 20, 2024

Results of the Scenic Rim Regional Council elections as at March 20, 2024 were as follows:


Tom Sharp 46.56%

Jeff McConnell 35.99%

Greg Christensen (incumbent) 17.45%

Division 1

Amanda Hay (incumbent) 54.85%

Alick Kilsby 33.44%

Steven Everson 11.71%

Division 2

Kerri Cryer 78.90%

Nicole Thompson 21.1%

Division 3

Steve Moriarty (uncontested)

Division 4

Jennifer Sanders 71.70%

Ken Chancellor 28.30%

Division 5

Marshall Chalk (incumbent) 50.68%

Leanne Bartrim 49.32%

Division 6

Duncan McInnes (incumbent) 48.92%

Elissa Smith 28.34%

Stephen Pace 22.74%

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