Rathdowney Hall presents Celtic Connections 

Jack O'Leary, Tommy Donovan, Sam De Santi
Jack O'Leary, Tommy Donovan, Sam De Santi

Celtic Connections makes its way to Rathdowney Hall on April 13 with Brisbane-based Lizzie Flynn and Irish band MunsterBucks performing Celtic music interwoven with modern creativity and enriching songwriting.  

This performance will take you on an immersive journey through melodies that bridge continents and generations to capture the essence of tradition that resonates with the soul. 

Organiser David De Santi welcomes everyone to experience the convergence of two extraordinary musical acts that unite to present Celtic Connections. 

“The event is a jubilant homage to heritage, a testament to innovation, and a celebration of the universal language that is music,” David said. 

The night will kick off with Lizzie Flynn and The Runaway Trains, followed by MunsterBucks, with the evening concluding with a Good Tunes Band Bush Dance.

Lizzie Flynn and The Runaway Trains provide a combination of lyrical honesty and charming melodies that blends satirical storytelling with a lot of joyful emotion. 

MunsterBucks keep true to their traditional roots and bring a unique sense of style and an irresistible groove to their tunes and songs. 

While Good Tunes Band have been accumulating ‘good’ tunes for over 30 years, they are excited to share them with the crowd for an unmissable Bush Dance. 

The Bush Dance requires no experience, just a listening ear and credited enthusiasm as the dances are walked through and called. 

The doors open at 4.30pm with bar and food available, until the evening Bush Dance concluding at 8.45pm. 

Tickets start at $25 for adults, $20 for concession, $10 for ages 12 to 18, and children under 12 are free. 

Celtic Connections promises an unforgettable night where the past and present harmonise, creating an atmosphere both timeless and contemporary. 

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit goodtunes.com.au/celtic-connections-rathdowney.

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