A love affair that took Laurie to Guernsey 

Laurie Dunne judging at Cornwall Show. Image supplied.

When Laurie Dunne acquired Fernybank in 1988, the Josephville property was operating as a mixed crop and dairy farm. 

It was home to half a dozen Guernsey and Jersey cows and was to be the start of a love affair with both breeds. 

Today there are 180 cows, divided almost equally between both breeds.  Laurie loves them both, but when pushed admits the Guernsey is his favourite. 

Laurie Dunne at home on his farm.

“They have a lovely temperament, are beautiful to work with and like the Jersey produce rich yellow milk which is the best for cheese making,” he said.

On a recent fact-finding visit to England with a group of Australian breeders, Laurie, an accredited judge and current President of the Queensland Guernsey Cattle Society, was invited to officiate at the Royal Cornwall Show at Wadebridge. 

He had earlier visited the World Guernsey Conference in Salisbury, as well as farms in Cornwall and Devon. 

Guernsey and Jersey cows originate from islands bearing their name in the English Channel, just off the coast of France.

As he was so close to the islands during his time in England, Laurie could not pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity to personally visit Guernsey, an experience he will always treasure.

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