A lifetime of true love 60 years of wedded bliss

Colin and Heather Sanders on their wedding day.
Colin and Heather Sanders on their wedding day.

Colin Sanders first spotted Heather McKinnon from the stage of a dance hall in Ardno in South-Western Victoria. 

On 28 September Colin and Heather, who now live in Boyland, will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. 

On the first night they met, Colin was playing the accordian with his family dance band which provided the music for the evening. 

His brother Barry played drums and his mother played piano. 

Being on stage was a prime spot for viewing all the local ladies and Heather was the special lady who caught his eye. 

Colin owned a pet brolga. When courting Heather on one occasion, they were travelling together in Colin’s vehicle. Colin glanced outside the driver’s window to see ‘Henry’ his pet brolga , flying alongside to join them on their outing as well. 

Married in St Andrew’s church in Mt Gambier,  they settled on a farming property in Strathdownie, Victoria. 

In 1968 they moved to Queensland with their older two daughters Cath and Denise, purchasing a farming property in the Boyland area from the Summerville family. 

At the time the Summerville family ran a dairy farm. Shortly after the property was sold to them, bulk milk came into operation. Colin and Heather chose to opt out of this industry and change to beef cattle, pigs and cropping. 

For a period of time Colin worked for Les Hohl driving a backhoe in the local area. 

He also worked as a contract harvester driver working for Berisford Deickmann. 

Heather spent her time at home busying herself with farm life, growing vegetables, sewing and caring for their children during their school life. 

Later their third daughter, Leanne, arrived. All three girls completed all their education at Beaudesert State Primary School and Beaudesert State High School and still work and live in the local area. 

Over the years Colin and Heather have supported Biddaddaba Rural Fire Brigade, Beaudesert Music Club and Heather volunteering for the Beaudesert Show society as Juvenile Cooking steward for many years.  

Heather also enjoys knitting beanies for premature babies and bed socks for the Beaudesert Hospital. 

Today, even though mobility is starting to slow them down, they still enjoy the country life of caring for animals, farm chores (even though they take a bit longer) supplying neighbours with fresh home grown vegetables and gardening every day.

 Their most treasured moments are having visits from their seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

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