A lasting reminder of a community champion

Karen Dickson-Morley and Mikaela Dickson (centre) with community members involved in naming Darryl Dickson Community Park KM
Karen Dickson-Murley and Mikaela Dickson (centre) with community members involved in naming Darryl Dickson Community Park KM

For the past seven years, Karen Dickson-Murley has cried on the anniversary of her late husband’s death, but this year was different.

Darryl Dickson was an active community member before he tragically died in a road accident, age 50, while cycling with Beaudesert Cycling Club members in November 2016.

Gathering with friends at the newly named Darryl Dickson Park, Karen and her daughter Mikaela said they felt the park was a fitting reminder of what Darryl had provided for the local community.

“This is like an acknowledgment for me of what he did for his community and it is his legacy.”

“Today is the first day in seven years that I haven’t cried on his anniversary, because to me this is so exciting to have this happen and to be in his memory.”

“Now people will ask who is Darryl Dickson and what did he do for the community?”

“It is a positive twist on a very sad day.”

Representatives of many of the organisations Darryl was involved with were present, including Division 4 Councillor Michael Enright who was a good friend of Darryl’s and fellow cyclist, members of Beaudesert Soccer, Beaudesert Little Athletics, and Beaudesert Cycling Club. 

Cr Enright said knowing the man Darryl was and what he did for the community, it is a great way to recognise and remember him.

Beaudesert Cycling Club President, David Kenny, was integral to advocacy to have the park named for Darryl Dickson.

“We wrote to the Council with the backing of Michael and asked about it,” he said.

“We had a lot of help from the Council officer we dealt with and we are very grateful for the assistance we received to make this happen.”

The park, which is located along a pathway that Darryl used to ride regularly, has a children’s playground, picnic shelter with barbecue and a bicycle which is also a memorial to Darryl Dickson.

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