Yen’s passion reflected in cafe

Yen Vu
Yen Vu

IF YOU engage in a conversation with the owner of the Beaudesert Cafe you may be interested in knowing you are chatting to a highly qualified veterinarian,

And while Yen Vu will gladly speak about your pet and other farm animals, she would prefer you to ask her about the cakes and speciality food she makes each day.

Yen, a young mother of two girls, took over her cafe in Beaudesert’s main street nine months ago and the journey to how she became a local small business owner is an interesting one to say the least.

Born in Dong Nai Province in Vietnam, Yen completed five years at university to earn a degree in Veterinary Medicine.

Looking to add a PHD in veterinary surgery to her CV she travelled to Australia to study in Brisbane.

It was during these studies her life did a major flip after she met and fell in love with her husband Anthony.

Plans to return to Vietnam and work as a vet were abandoned and instead they decided to start a family.

“With two young girls and my husband enjoying a good job in Brisbane we agreed this was the right place to raise our children,” Yen said.

Yen’s eldest daughter, Heidi, has just started school which means her hectic day running a cafe and a family has become a lot busier.

“I’m doing long hours, a lot of driving, but it’s all worthwhile because I love the cafe and the people of Beaudesert,” she said.

“I appreciate all the help and the friendship I’ve received since I opened in May last year. “While it has not been a profitable venture so far I can say we are on the right track and I look forward to the future.”

It was Yen’s love of cakes and food that persuaded her to take on the Beaudesert Cafe which she knew had been rundown by the previous owners.

Yen now employs eight and her weekly specials each week are popular with locals. 

She also introduced a “pay forward” opportunity where customers can add something onto their bill to provide an opportunity for those doing it tough to come in and get a free coffee or a bite to eat.

“This is a great traditional town where people have a strong community spirit,” she said.

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