Wendy and Sha

Wendy and Sha. Photo by Susie Cunningham.
Wendy and Sha. Photo by Susie Cunningham.

Wendy Lohmann affectionately describes Sha the cat as a ‘typical moody ragdoll’.

Sha, who is seven and a half, has been part of Wendy’s family since she was 13 months old.

Here’s what Wendy has to say about Sha:

“She catches mice, and she likes to come and check in on whoever’s up here,” she said.

“Sometimes she follows us all around the place and other times you’ve got no idea where she’s hiding. She’s much cuddlier in winter than she is in summer, and she’ll sit on your lap while you watch TV when it’s cold. She likes to be escorted to breakfast each morning even if there’s already biscuits in her bowl.”

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