Selwyn Park Lights Up

Selwyn Park lights up
Selwyn Park lights up

Beaudesert’s sporting community is the winner from Scenic Rim Regional Council’s installation of new lighting at Selwyn Park. 

The new LED lighting, which meets soccer competition standards, has been installed with an eye not only to players’ needs  but also the amenity of residents in Hopkins Street and the nearby St Mary’s Catholic Primary School.  

Scenic Rim’s Sport and Recreation Portfolio Councillor Marshall Chalk said the lighting installation had been a priority for Council and was an important milestone in encouraging participation in sport.  

“We know that participation in sport contributes to individual health and wellbeing and also to the overall health and wellbeing of the community by bringing people together,” he said.  

“All Councillors have pushed hard to make this happen and the completion of this project is great news for the Beaudesert community and wider Scenic Rim region. 

“The next step will be the installation of lighting to cricket competition standards and the carpark upgrade which will be funded externally.”  

Division 4 Councillor Michael Enright also welcomed the completion of the lighting installation which was funded through Council’s budget.  

“The Selwyn Park Management Association, the Beaudesert Cricket Club and the Beaudesert Soccer Club have all expressed their appreciation for the new lighting which will enable the fullest use of this popular community facility,” he said.  

“I am grateful to Council staff who worked hard to achieve this in a timeframe to assist these clubs and also for their efforts in reducing the light from Selwyn Park spilling across the road to houses in Hopkins Street to the west and St Mary’s School to the east.” 

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