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Principal Angela Chant with most of Beaudesert State School’s 2022 student leaders
Principal Angela Chant with most of Beaudesert State School’s 2022 student leaders

Some of Beaudesert’s youngest leaders vowed to be responsible, show respect, stay safe and support their peers when they were officially recognised with their leadership badges.

Beaudesert State School’s 2022 school captains are Charlotte Connell and Hayden Griffin, vice-captains are Alexia Day and Kelly Manwarring and school leaders are Eamon Kummerow and Addison Storey.

The 2022 house captains are Amelia Hopkins and Jett Bright (Churchill), Mia Taylor and Mahalia Rigby (Evans), Kaylee Stewart and Emma Malanaphy (Lavarack) and Taylah Bigalla and Kolbey Houldsworth (Wilson).

At the leaders’ recent induction ceremony, school leader Eamon Kummerow spoke about the role of school captains.

“Our school captains are the leaders of the entire student body, and of course, their year 6 cohort. They are our chief representatives – they have proven themselves to be effective communicators with students, staff, and all community members,” he said.

“We encourage all student leaders to speak openly with our school leaders about any issues, positive or negative, that occur.  We trust our leaders will represent all the students in the best way possible throughout the year.”

School captain Hayden spoke about the responsibilities of leaders.

“To us, being a leader means being a positive role-model and to make school a better environment for students, staff and the wider community,” he said.

“It also means that sometimes you have to have the courage to make decisions that might not be popular. As a leader you need to be prepared to push yourself out of your comfort zone and to meet the needs of others.”

School captain Charlotte said it was about serving their peers.

“When Hayden and I first decided to run for a school leader role, we wanted to make school a better place and a place that everyone enjoys coming to,” she said.

“We also wanted to inspire students to be future leaders of our wonderful school.” 

Principal Angela Chant, who has regular ‘principal picnics’ with the leaders to discuss school ideas and feedback from peers, said it gave her great pleasure to officially recognise them in their roles, and she trusted they would wear their badges with pride around the school.

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