Providing safer births in developing countries

Margaret Brennan, Shar Moana and Margaret Dennis
Margaret Brennan, Shar Moana and Margaret Dennis

McAuley College and Zonta Beaudesert have worked together to send 500 birthing kits to developing countries. 

As a part of McAuley College’s celebration of Bojaxhiu house day, where students perform acts of service, students completed the preparation of birthing kits. 

The birthing kits consist of a plastic sheet, gloves, three pieces of string, gauze, soap and a sterile blade. The kits are designed to ensure a safer birth for both the mother and baby. 

Zonta members contributed to the birthing kits, putting together folded plastic sheets on 27 September.  

The McAuley students completed the kits on Monday 9 October by adding the supplies and sealing them in an antiseptic bag.  

All measures are taken to ensure that the birthing kits remain clean and germ-free until they reach their destination. 

The birthing kit materials are supplied by Birthing Kit Foundation Australia, who, once the kits are complete, deliver the kits throughout Asia, Africa, the Pacific and the Caribbean. 

Former Bojaxhui house captain, Zoe Schaal, says that this act of service is close to her heart as it aligns with the values of her house. 

“This service benefits mothers and newborns in third world countries who unfortunately do not have access to clean and hygienic birth as we do here in Australia. The kits reflect the values of Bojaxhui through the compassion, love and care that goes into them,” she says. 

Year 12 student Kaylia Ellis reflected on her years of service at McAuley. 

“For the entirety of my high school years, the birthing kit service activity has always been something I have thoroughly enjoyed doing,” she said. 

“The meaning of these kits and the importance of every supply is incredible.” 

“This act mirrors Mother Teresa’s great selflessness and compassion to help those who need it most,” says Kaylia. 

Mother Teresa is the patron saint of Bojaxhui house and serves as a role model for students. 

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