People and their Pets – Donald Rump and Jayde

Donald Rump and Jayde.
Donald Rump and Jayde.

Donald Rump the six-week-old Angus Friesian calf really landed on his feet with Jayde Schmidt.

She found him for free on Gumtree and brought him home to join Finn the kelpie, Aurora the boxer cross, Marvin the cat, Alan the thoroughbred, Oreo the mini pony and Bella the turtle, who Jayde has had for 15 years.

Jayde and her partner Dylan also have daughter Everlee, 3, and son Maverick, 5 months.

Here’s what Jayde has to say about Donald Rump:

“Donald Rump lives for his bottles and bounces around when you get the bottle out. He’s going to be a bull, but he’s a pretty chilled little guy, pretty tame, and I plan on keeping him as a pet as he gets bigger.”

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