New Council CEO expected

Scenic Rim Regional Council Beaudesert administration
Scenic Rim Regional Council Beaudesert administration. Photo by Susie Cunningham.

A new Scenic Rim Regional Council CEO will be recruited under revised performance management measures.

After confidential discussions in a late addition to the agenda at the 11 October Ordinary meeting, Council voted unanimously in favour of adopting the amended performance and contract management document and keeping its contents confidential.

“In accordance with Clause 22.63 of the Scenic Rim Regional Council standing orders procedure CM03.01PR.01, confidentiality (will) be maintained in relation to Council procedure Chief Executive Officer Performance and Contract Management and the document not be released,” said Acting CEO Caroline McMahon in introducing the recommendation to Councillors.

In the 41-minute closed session at the 11 October meeting, Councillors also discussed the appointment of a new CEO, after applications for the position closed on 25 July 2022.

When they returned to open session, Councillors voted unanimously in favour of six recommendations regarding the CEO appointment:

  1. Council agrees to proceed with the appointment of the preferred candidate to the position of CEO in line with the recruitment advice
  2. Council confirms the remuneration range for the position of CEO in line with the recruitment advice
  3. Authority be delegated to the Mayor to negotiate within the financial range specified in the recruitment advice provided, finalise the appointment agreement and formally appoint the preferred candidate to the position of CEO
  4. The referenced recruitment advice is to be retained within the confidential records of human resources.
  5. Council endorses the draft employment agreement as the basis of Council’s offer to the CEO, subject to inclusion of final terms and conditions as negotiated by the Mayor
  6. Council maintains confidentiality over the content of this report, including the attachment and due to privacy obligations, they not be released to the public.

In a statement released by Council on 14 October, a spokesperson said the ‘comprehensive’ recruitment process was still under way.

“Council received in excess of 70 applications from a broad range of high-calibre and experienced candidates from across the country, as far as Western Australia,” they said.

“There is no fixed date for an appointment, but Council anticipates to have reached a decision by late October 2022.”

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