McAuley College Students Working in the Community

Olivia Cahill with St Mary's students. Photo: Noah Burr.

This week, McAuley College students participated in work experience at local businesses, including the Beaudesert Bulletin.

Year 10 students Lilly Braxton, Olivia Cahill and Annaliese Badger-Docherty have all been involved in this program.

Miss Braxton worked at the Head and Soul unisex hairdresser in Beaudesert, cleaning, washing and drying hair, pampering and dealing with financial transactions.

When asked about her time at Head and Soul, Lilly responded, “It’s fun knowing what it’s like behind the scenes of being a hairdresser; it has really opened my eyes to future career paths.”

Jessica Smith, owner of the business, says that it has been nice having Lilly with her, and she enjoys being able to work with students.

“They can get new skills and have something to put on their resume.”

. Lilly Braxton doing work experience at Head and Soul. Photo: Noah Burr.

Olivia Cahill worked with Diane Hardy at St Mary’s Primary School, helping keep the Grade One students focused.

When asked if she wants to become a teacher, Olivia said, “I feel like now, after I’ve actually experienced teaching, I do.”

“The kids are very nice and cute; I love them already.”

Mrs Hardy, teacher of Grade One, said that the work experience program gives the McAuley students an insight into what it might be really like to work in their chosen field and therefore if they’re interested in pursuing that job or not.

Annaliese Badger-Docherty worked at Hoofs N Paws veterinary clinic with Kelly Bartholomew, the Administration Manager.

Annaliese tasks included cleaning, assisting the vet nurses, observing procedures and working in administration.

She said her favourite part of the experience was being able to play with the animals that come in, taking them out the back, letting them do their business and run around.

Annaliese Badger-Docherty at Hoof and Paws Vet. Photo: Noah Burr.

Ms Bartholomew herself got into the vet business through work experience, which then turned into a traineeship.

“We want to support students and the community as a whole, help people as well as people’s pets” she says.

“Work experience is part of McAuley College’s educational program where students venture into the world of work, often for the first time.  It is a short-term placement of secondary school students with employers, to provide insights into the industry in the workplace in which they are located and have nominated as a preference.” McAuley College’s Administration Officer, Julie Condrick, said.
“McAuley College Work Experience Program provides an opportunity for students to experience their chosen field before Year 11 and 12, to increase students’ employability and to trial possible fields of work for School Based Apprenticeships or Traineeships.”

“Students benefit from the program as work experience provides an opportunity to navigate possible career options and pathways to achieve success. They are supported by many local Host Employers.”

Noah Burr and I, Emily Livingston, have been participating in work experience at the Beaudesert Bulletin and Canungra Times. Noah is a keen photographer, and I a writer. This combination has made the dream team, and I thank Keer Moriarty, Susie Cunningham and Katie O’Brien for all their time spent on us, it has been the most amazing experience.

Noah Burr and Emily Livingston. Photo: Susie Cunningham.

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