Kids decorate tree for Katie

Katie's tree. Image supplied.

One of Beaudesert’s brightest stars, Katie Cleal, lit up the neighbourhood of her Michaelina Drive home, particularly when she threw her annual Christmas party.

On 22 November, after Katie passed away at home surrounded by her loved ones, her neighbourhood pulled together to honour her.

The neighbourhood children elaborately decorated one of the street trees near her home with Christmas lights, tinsel and baubles galore as their parents gathered on camping chairs on the front lawn.

It was a tribute which would have brought immense joy to Katie, who adored Christmas and was part of Beaudesert’s annual yarnbombing efforts and Christmas performances with A Choired Taste, alongside her best friend Finella Loch.

Harley Hamilton, Darcy Francis, Hollie Dillon, Holden Hamilton, Harry Francis, Jack Dillon, Cameron Moxey, Josh Moxey, Lucas Griffin, Mitchell Moxey, Grace Dillon and Karla Muller are pictured with the finished product.

When they finished decorating, they saw the brightest star of the night sky overlooking what they now affectionately call, ‘Katie’s tree’.

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