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Ben Eggenhuizen, Dylan Biggs and Peter Eggenhuizen
Ben Eggenhuizen, Dylan Biggs and Peter Eggenhuizen


Beaudesert Boxer and Australian Super Welterweight Champion, Dylan Biggs, is about to take on his toughest opponent yet – Nikita Tszyu.

Tszyu may have Tszyucastle, but Biggs has the entire town of Beaudesert behind him.

Long term sponsors of Biggs, Ben and Peter Eggenhuizen of Platinum Edge Properties are one of many businesses dressing up their shopfront to show their support for the home town champion.


The support of his home town means a lot to Dylan Biggs as he goes into the fight of his life against unbeaten opponent Nikita Tszyu.

“It’s been really great that all local businesses are getting behind me,” said Biggs.

“Even walking across the road here I had two people notice me and have a chat, which is cool.”  

“At the moment I can’t walk through town without being stopped by someone.”

While Tszyu has a large fan base, Dylan is encouraged by the close relationship he has with his supporters.

“Beaudesert fans are local and loyal and I know most of them on a personal basis, whereas his fans don’t know him.”

“It’s the biggest fight of my career and definitely a big career defining moment.  After I knock him out, it’s going to take me a long way.”

“It’s going to be a big boost for my career, boosting my status and progressing me along the ranks in a world level.”

In the lead up to the fight, Biggs spent three weeks at a training camp in Thailand before returning to Beaudesert to see his partner Unique and daughter Zylah.

“Now I’m focussed on making the weight and making sure all my preparation is going well.”

Peter Eggenhuizen of Platinum Edge Properties first met Dylan when he was on a training run around Beaudesert before he turned professional.

“Dylan was running past the office, no shirt, just a young bloke doing it tough and having a go,” said Peter.

“I pulled him up at the lights and asked if he had a sponsor and we had a meeting at the office.”

That led to a sponsorship and a relationship that continues to this day.

“He’s a good, honest guy, he’s straightforward, he’s not a show pony.  When he gets into the ring he just puts it all in the ring.”

“He’s a hard worker; I’ve been watching him for a long time.”

Ben and Peter have been to all Dylan’s professional fights since he turned pro and are looking forward to supporting him in Newcastle.

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