Grow your own

Now is the right time to plant bananas.
Now is the right time to plant bananas.

When visiting Tullamore Farm most people comment on how many bananas we have. 

They are a staple for most Australians and nationally are our most commonly eaten fruit.  

Lots of health benefits when including your own home grown bananas in your diet.

We are now in September and it’s the perfect time to be planting them. 

Once established they are very hardy and they just keep suckering. Interestingly, although they do flower they don’t require pollination. 

If you are short on patience, they are great in that you will normally have fruit within 18 months to two years. We often have fruit sooner. 

When well-established they grow and produce indefinitely.  Bananas fruit all year round, producing more during the warmer months. An established banana should produce four bunches every two years.

It’s not hard to keep them tidy and minimise or remove the pest issue. 

We cut off the older leaves leaving five of the youngest, healthiest leaves per plant.  Chop the removed leaves up for the compost or leave around the base of other trees as fertiliser or mulch. 

If you are subject to frost, select a sheltered spot near a metal shed, wall or under other larger trees. They will manage as long as they are receiving around sixty per cent sun. 

Some of our best producing bananas receive little sun after midday. 

Planting now allows a lengthy period prior to winter. In their first 12 months, during the coldest nights where frost is likely, maybe throw over a cover of some sort.

If height is an issue there are many dwarf varieties which make harvesting and maintenance very easy. Why not grow your own bananas?

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