Grow your Own

Bill O'Sullivan
Bill O'Sullivan

For many, Mangoes are one of the favoured fruits. Our local climate is ideal for these juicy gems and growing your own mango trees can be a rewarding and surprisingly low-maintenance endeavour. Some hesitate due to concerns about tree size and wildlife intrusion. A little knowledge and care can go a long way in addressing these issues.

Here at Tullamore Farm we have ten thriving Mango trees and each year we seem to be graced with a larger, more bountiful crop. Minimal effort is needed compared to the exceptional flavor they yield, making it a mystery why more people aren’t eager to grow them.

The sheer size these trees can attain is easily addressed through annual pruning. Although pruning is not strictly necessary, it is an effective means of keeping mango trees at a manageable size, much like commercial growers do. Our six-year-old mango tree pictured here is proof that, with proper care, you can enjoy a beautiful, compact tree that still bears abundant fruit.

Our annual pruning takes place shortly after the last mangoes are picked. We trim the tree’s height to less than 2.5 meters and encourage lateral growth. Minimal effort needed and the pruned branches are used as mulch around the base of other fruit trees. By keeping the size in check, you can also accommodate a wider variety of fruiting trees, transforming your backyard into a vibrant orchard.

Another common concern is the fear of wildlife, such as bats and possums, feasting on your hard-earned harvest. However, by maintaining manageable tree sizes and bagging the fruit, you reduce this issue. Mango trees are not particularly heavy feeders but they still benefit from regular fertilization. We apply compost yearly to provide essential nutrients. 

Consider the cost of purchasing mangoes in stores and the unparalleled taste of sun-ripened, homegrown mangoes, and the effort required becomes a minor inconvenience. With smaller trees, you can easily pick up any fallen fruit, keeping the area beneath the tree clean and uninviting to wildlife, who will remain none the wiser. So, don’t let concerns about tree size and wildlife deter you from enjoying the sweet rewards of growing your own delicious mangoes right here in Beaudesert. 

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