Good Reputation for Birthing in Beaudesert

Ella Tandy, Jake Espig and five day old Jayden Espig.
Ella Tandy, Jake Espig and five day old Jayden Espig.

As people from across the world entered 2022 with mixed reactions, new parents Ella Tandy and Jake Espig only had eyes for their firstborn son.

Jayden Espig was born at Beaudesert Hospital at 4.13am, 1 January after a 14-hour labour.

His parents live closer to Logan Hospital but chose Beaudesert because it’s built a name for itself as a place for positive birthing experiences.

When it came to deciding where to have their baby, Beaudesert Hospital was a standout for first-time parents Ella Tandy and Jake Espig.

Ella and Jake, both 20, welcomed their son Jayden Espig into the world at 4.13am, 1 January.

He was born 49cm long, weighing 3.38kg and with a head circumference of 34.5cm.

Jayden was among the first 2022 babies to be born at Beaudesert Hospital, just pipped to the post by the first baby born at 2.45am.

Ella and Jake live at Park Ridge South, about 20km from Logan Hospital, but chose to drive the extra 14km to Beaudesert for a more personal birthing experience.

Five day old Jayden Espig.

Ella, who’s midwife was Bronnie, said she loved giving birth in Beaudesert.

“Because it’s a smaller hospital there’s more of a chance to pick a certain midwife or two, and you tend to meet all of them, compared with bigger hospitals like Logan where there’s more midwives and you don’t necessarily get to stick with one or two you know,” she said.

“Beaudesert was more comfortable and an easier choice for us. You feel less cramped and it’s busy but not too busy so you can get straight in and out.”

She said Beaudesert Hospital had a good reputation for birthing.

“My sister-in-law had her baby there in September and my brother recommended it, because their midwives were lovely,” she said.

“They said it’d just be easier, smoother and you can have a better bond with them rather than having a different midwife every appointment.”

When the Beaudesert Bulletin visited the young family on 6 January they were settling in well to their new way of life and learning more about young Jayden every day.

Ella said he was a quiet baby who loved trips in the car, taking after his dad who is a mechanic fitter.

Jake said Jayden was a lot like his mother.

“He’s a lot like his mum – stubborn and hungry. And he has a very strong head and can hold his own head up already,” he said.

“We’re looking forward to watching him grow, seeing him mature from a baby to a child to a teenager to an adult and having his own family one day.”

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