Cane toads busted in Scenic Rim

Cane toad catchers in action!
Cane toad catchers in action!

CANE toads should be in shorter supply after over 100 Scenic Rim residents took part in the Great Cane Toad Bust  during January.

The Great Cane Toad Bust is Australia’s biggest cane toad control event, changing the game for Cane Toad control.

Lizz Hills organised the Rathdowney event and said they caught 84 toads in one night.

“We caught toads with gloved hands and rubbish claws. Then humanely euthanasie them through a refrigeration and freezing process before composting the remains,” she said.

The number of cane toads in the region increased following the 2019 bushfires, because the toads could move around more freely.

Lizz has been supporting cane toad busts since 2020 in association with environmental group Watergum.

Watergum makes baits to catch cane toad tadpoles from the glands of adult cane toads. 

“We harvest this during the cane toad bust and send them to Watergum.” 

“During cane toad season we work at each stage of the life cycle to remove them from the environment. Physical removal is the most effective control for cane toads.”

If people want to be involved in eradicating toads in their area they should get in touch with their local Landcare group.

Traps can be borrowed from Landcare or Wild Mountains Environmental Centre at Running Creek. 

Every year, they wreak havoc on Australian native wildlife, poison thousands of pets and even impact local agriculture.

Cane toads can live for more than 10 years, and females can produce up to 35,000 eggs each time they breed. 

“This means that every cane toad removed really does count!”

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