A Local Success Story

Lesley and Wayne Pearson from RV Tanks.
Lesley and Wayne Pearson from RV Tanks.

Tucked away in Enterprise Drive, Beaudesert is the manufacturing facility of RV Tanks Australia, winner of the Excellence in Transport, Logistics, Manufacturing and Mining Award.

Founded by a camper trailer manufacturer who couldn’t find a tank to suit his needs, RV Tanks Australia is a locally-owned family business with directors Wayne and Lesley Pearson at the helm.

RV Tanks Australia manufactures rotomolded, food grade freshwater, greywater and blackwater tanks for caravans, campers, motorhomes, horse floats, 4X4s and other vehicles. 

The comprehensive range of RV Tanks has grown to nearly 200 tanks of different sizes and configurations.

Their goal is to manufacture top-quality, hard wearing, almost indestructible tanks for every customer.

Business Awards judges said RV Tanks Australia is an example of small, local manufacturing excellence. 

“They have established an innovative and highly sought-after manufacturing process that is achieving great success.”

“RV Tanks Australia are especially proud of being Australian made and owned and have a continued commitment to innovation. 

“Their products are excellent and so is their attitude towards their customers and staff.”

“A true local success story who are proud of the region and showcasing manufacturing excellence in their industry.”

In the past, camper trailer users had an option of stainless steel or fiberglass tanks.  

Stainless steel would bend and crack from rough road conditions and the fiberglass would break down and leach into the stored water.

RV Tanks Australia were joint winners of the  Award for Excellence in Transport, Logistics, Manufacturing and Mining  with Boyland based turf farm, Australian Lawn Concepts.

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