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Suzanne Jones

Suzanne Jones describes herself as a ‘jack of all trades and master of none’ and this description is typical of this humble, self-effacing woman.

The dedicated mother of Rachel, Brendan and Nada, Suzanne has been in Beaudesert for 27 years, creating a beautiful home and garden with her husband, Murry Mallinson.

Suzanne and Murry met playing volleyball in Beaudesert at the old squash courts.

“We were on opposing teams, I’d been playing against him for months and one night our team was short of players,” recalls Suzanne.

Murry played on Suzanne’s team and the attraction was instant.

Over the following weeks they met at social events and romance blossomed.

They have now been together 27 years.

“We’ve been through a lot, we are tighter now than we’ve ever been.”

Suzanne’s son Brendan describes the couple as ‘two of the most married people I know’.

Suzanne is proud of her three children and their achievements.

Rachel was 15 and Brendan 12 when Suzanne and Murry had Nada.

“They adored Nada, but it was difficult becase after Nada I had five miscarriages,” she said.

“Mentally it was hard and there were times I feel the kids missed out.”

“The doctor actually turned around to me and said, ‘You can’t keep doing this’.“

The three children are now adults, with Rachel completing a teaching degree before going back to university and becoming a Guidance Counsellor.

Brendan has commenced a Law degree and former Beaudesert State High School Captain, Nada, is Trainee with Scenic Rim Regional Council.

Suzanne worked in banking for many years and more recently in aged care, where she discovered a passion for dementia care.

“What started that was Murry’s father having dementia.”

“I wanted to know how to help his family, so did a couple of free courses and then an Associate Degree in Dementia before doing my nursing degree.”

She shows genuine compassion and understanding for dementia patients.

“I advocate to keep meeting them where they’re at and enjoy what you can, while you can,” she says.

“They might forget who you are, they don’t forget how you make them feel.”

Suzanne’s latest challenge is overcoming surgery for a tumour.

The meningioma tumour in the lining of her brain was diagnosed eight years ago.

When doctors advised her to have it removed in February, she was terrified.

Surgery went well, but an infection led to seizures and a hospital stay of 21 days.

Suzanne says this gave her a new perspective on patient care and nursing.

“I learned – and this ties into my dementia studies as well because it was a brain injury – the most important thing is listen to your patient.”

Suzanne’s recovery has progressed well and she is looking forward to returning to work and further study.

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