Kylie’s State of Origin role

Kylie Baldwin (far left) and the NSW Women’s Origin team. Image supplied.

Former Beaudesert High School student Kylie Baldwin is making a big mark in the Australian sports physiotherapy world.

Her impressive record of success was again highlighted when she helped the NSW Women’s State of Origin Rugby League team in its second clash of the interstate series with Queensland in Townsville.

The daughter of Malcolm and Shirley Baldwin, Kylie’s sports physio resume includes stints with:

  • Wests Rugby Union Club
  • Queensland Reds
  • Australian Women’s Rugby Union team (including 2022 World Cup)
  • NSW Swifts Netball team, and
  • NSW Women’s State of Origin team.

While she may be a born and bred Queenslander, Kylie has no hang-ups about looking after the NSW State of Origin team.

“It’s a thoroughly professional working relationship and the fact I come originally from Queensland has no impact whatsoever on how I do my job for the NSW team,” she said.

“I love looking after the team and it gave me a lot of satisfaction to see them play so well in the two-game series and to win the second game in Townsville.”

Kylie Baldwin (left) assists Isabelle Kelly off the field during Game One, with one of the NSW trainers.  Image supplied.

Kylie’s contract with the NSW State of Origin team involves more than looking after them during the competition nights.  It covers full training camps, helping players get physically prepared and providing on-field primary support during training and games.

There has been a huge growth in women’s contact sport in Australia, something Kylie feels comfortable with.

“Better programs with professional training support, more practice, and higher skill levels and physical ability have greatly lessened the risk of injury,” she says.

It’s a far cry from her final year at Beaudesert High in 2004 when she was sports captain – there were few contact games, and she was largely limited to playing touch football.

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