Dedication pays off

Dylan Biggs with coach Justin O'Leary. Photo: Susie Cunningham.
Dylan Biggs with coach Justin O'Leary. Photo: Susie Cunningham.

Dylan Biggs has won his toughest fight yet against Joel Pavlides as he muscles up to step out as mandatory challenger for the Australian Super Welterweight Champion title.

The Bulletin caught up with Biggs and coach Justin O’Leary, pictured, as they got straight back into training for Biggs’ Australian title fight.

Biggs defeats Pavlides

Beaudesert Storm, Dylan Biggs, is looming large on the radar of Australia’s boxing scene, bolstered by another victory before he takes on Australia’s Super Welterweight Champion, Dan ‘The Engine’ Hill.

Biggs, 21, stepped up to middleweight to defeat the Gold Coast’s Joel Pavlides on 25 March in Toowoomba, cheered on by a strong crowd of Beaudesert friends, family and sponsors.

He will take on Hill before 1 July as mandatory challenger for the title, as voted by the Australian National Boxing Federation on a date yet to be announced.

Biggs, who has been training with Justin O’Leary at Beaudesert Boxing Club since he was 10 and boxing professionally for two years, thanked his Beaudesert supporters and valued sponsors and said the Pavlides fight was his hardest-earned victory to date.

“Pavlides definitely put in his best. It was an absolute war, six rounds of tough fighting. I was the better boxer on the night, but Joel didn’t take one step back the whole time,” he said.

“I’ve fought a few sub-par boxers, but Pavlides is not that. He was the test I needed, and I won, so I feel like I’m ready to take on the Australian Super Welterweight Champion next.”

When the Bulletin caught up with Biggs and O’Leary, they were straight back into training the day after they returned from the Pavlides fight.

Biggs does two to three training sessions a day, six days a week, and in the mornings can be seen walking around Beaudesert with O’Leary as a warmup

“I pulled up perfectly fine, no injuries and I wasn’t sore, which I put down to training. My body’s used to me putting it through a bit of pain, then it recovers overnight,” Biggs said.

O’Leary said the Pavlides win was a milestone.

“Dylan had his professional debut the same weekend two years ago. In that time, he’s matured a lot, physically he’s a lot stronger going from 19 to 21 years old, which I think will keep going,” he said.

“He could always box, but he showed really good defence this fight. If he keeps improving the next two years like he has the last two years, it should be pretty exciting.”

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