Cleavage Cup dream comes true

Karen Van Vliet, Sarah Berg and Lachlan Ritson
Karen Van Vliet, Sarah Berg and Lachlan Ritson

A NAIL biting finish led to a dream come true for Cleavage Cup winners Sarah Berg and Karen Van Vliet.

The partnership began two years ago when Karen, who works at the Beaudesert Golf Club, finished her shift.

“Sarah was having a wine and said to me, ‘I’d love to play in that Cleavage Cup but I’m not good enough and I don’t think anyone will play with me’,” said Karen, who immediately agreed to play with Sarah.

Their first year in the competition they didn’t make it past the first round, but this year they were neck and neck with  three time winners Jo Antcliff and Debbie Dansey.

Sarah putted the winning shot, but didn’t realise how close it was.

“I thought I was putting to square the hole, not to win the hole,” she said.

They were square with Jo and Debbie at the ninth hole and remained close throughout the rest of the competition. 

“When we got to the final hole we were stoked – we were just happy to be here,” said Sarah.

Karen’s husband Jason was also happy with her win, having backed his wife in the Cleavage Cup calcutta.

Jo Antcliff and Debbie Dansey were the runners up of the women’s competition on the day.

The Cleavage Cup is an 18 hole competition which takes its origins from the men’s Cloonan Jug competition, held on the same day.

Anita Mugridge was part of the initial conversation about the Cleavage Cup, which started as a breast cancer fundraiser.

“It was something that had affected a lot of people in that conversation and we wanted to make it meaningful,” she said.

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