Three ads changed his life

Charles boyle
Charles Boyle

THE MAJOR chapters in Charles Boyle’s life can be put down to him reading three separate print advertisements.

The journey of the 53 year old Beaudesert hairdresser from Glasgow features many crossroads, but the big turns in his trek all came down to notices businesses had placed in publications.

The first advertisement was a promotion about a week’s holiday offer to go to the Dominican Republic.

“My mum had just passed at only 59 and I was worried about how Dad was coping alone so I decided I’d take him away for a trip of a lifetime,” Charles said.

While the trip was great it was the young woman he met in the Caribbean that made it special.

“Her name was Jenny and I found out she lived in a nearby Scottish town,” he said.

“A few years later we got together and 30 great years of marriage and raising three beautiful daughters has followed.”

The next big turn came on a cold and windy Glasgow day when Charles was reading a local magazine.

Once again his interest was sparked by an advertisement, this one featured a photo of a koala and the Opera House.

“It was promoting that hairdressers were needed in Australia and that if you applied you could get permanent residency. I went home to a heavily pregnant Jenny and talked her into leaving Scotland behind us.”

After arriving in Logan he went for interviews in the city and on the Gold Coast and was considering two offers when once again a print advertisement came to his attention.

“The advert was placed by a salon owner in Beaudesert and as it was close we went for a drive to see what the area was like.

“We liked the place, did the interview and the job as manager of the salon was mine.”

While he only stayed at that salon for a short time he did commit to Beaudesert and has been a  hairdresser here now for more than 15 years.

After Covid hit he took the opportunity to open a home salon with the approvals of the local council.

While running a busy home business and helping to raise three teenage daughters is enough to keep any man on the hop, Charles also finds time to train for his passions of competitive cycling and bodybuilding.

He’s got a cabinet full of trophies from his body building competitions and now he’s crowding it with his Masters Cycling awards.

He recently won gold and silver at the Queensland titles and next month he’s looking to add his first national gold cycling medal. 

There is no doubt about it, Charles is certainly a cut above the rest.

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