Brian Manderson, Margaret Dennis, Gwen Lewis, Bill Gething and Jim Caswell. Photo: Keer Moriarty.

PHOTO GALLERY: Catching up with old friends

The Junior Farmers and Rural Youth reunion was a weekend for catching up with old friends and reminiscing about a bygone era. These organisations ran from 1950s through to 1980s for young people from rural areas across Queensland. Over 120 people of all ages packed the Tamrookum Memorial Hall on […]

Arthur and Delma Day, Jim Caswell, Laurie Dunne and Margaret Dennis

Junior Farmers to reconnect

For people living in rural areas in the 1950s to the 1970s, the Rural Youth and Junior Farmers clubs were a great way to meet people and learn new skills. Former members of these organisations from around the region are invited to a reunion on the first weekend in April. […]