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Juliana Simanjuntak and Mayor Greg Christensen.
Juliana Simanjuntak and Mayor Greg Christensen.

The Scenic Rim has another 13 Australian citizens following a very global citizenship ceremony at The Centre, Beaudesert on 16 September.

The new citizens, originally from the United Kingdom, Brazil, Indonesia, Germany and the United States have made their homes in Beaudesert, Gleneagle, Mt Alford and Canungra.

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Juliana Simanjuntak said she was pleased to gain citizenship in the country she now calls home.

“My family and friends are here,” she said.

“We are very happy to be in Australia.”

The citizenship ceremony had been timed to coincide as closely as possible with Australian Citizenship Day on 17 September and continued as planned during the period of mourning for the Queen on the advice of the Department of Home Affairs.

“Citizenship Day is an opportunity for us all to reflect on the meaning and importance of Australian citizenship and the responsibilities and privileges we all enjoy as citizens of this wonderful country,” Mayor Christensen said.

“As well as being a special day for our newest Australians, our citizenship ceremony was a timely reminder for us all about what it means to be an Australian citizen.

“My congratulations to all of our newest Australians, who I hope will enjoy a happy and successful future as citizens of Australia.”

In a rather macabre twist, the life size banner of Queen Elizabeth II was displayed at The Centre.

Mayor Christensen explained that the correct protocol had been investigated following the death of Her Majesty and Council had been advised to use the banner.

“The Queen embodied the true meaning of duty that was an example to us all,” he said.

“Her commitment to public service across the Commonwealth was nothing short of extraordinary and her legacy will live on forever.”

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