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Josh Arnold with Darlington State School Students.
Josh Arnold with Darlington State School Students.

Golden Guitar winner, Josh Arnold is releasing a song written and performed with Darlington State School students.

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‘Roots Run Deep’ is about the generational connection to Darlington, as well as the day to day lives of the students.

Arnold’s production company, Small Town Culture, specialises in creating original songs and music videos for schools and communities and has produced over 300 songs.

Arnold said the Darlington production was a little different.

“We don’t normally have cattle being mustered down the main road so that was a bit of a rare one,” he said.

Filming included many of the students’ favourite pastimes, including riding motorbikes, horses and whip cracking – and even a turkey!

Writing the song lyrics was a collaborative effort with students and staff having input.

Darlington State School parent and local musician Nigel Stephens features on harmonica in the song.

“It is more about the community than the school itself.  But the community is the school, they are all intertwined.  The school is the hub in that valley.”

Arnold was struck by the dedication and engagement of the families to the school, providing a strong base for the community itself.

“The kids loved it, they love the singing and being YouTube and Spotify stars.”

“You can see the dedication of the parents, because getting that stuff organised, motorbikes, catching horses and saddling them up for the video – it’s a big job.”

Darlington State School Principal, Clare Roberts said the idea behind the song was to promote the school, and also to introduce the students to songwriting and performing as part of the curriculum.

“Josh has selected individual children to do solos and there are groups of children singing,” said Mrs Roberts.

Roots Run Deep will be released in November 2022.

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