People and their Pets – Carol and Ralph

Carol Castles with Ralph the labradoodle.
Carol Castles with Ralph the labradoodle.

Ralph the labradoodle and his person, Carol Castles, make great companions for one another.

Carol has had the playful 9-year-old since she received him as a little puppy from her daughter, who was breeding labradoodles.

Here’s what Carol has to say about Ralph:

“I’d always had Foxies and I said I wasn’t having any more dogs once my little Foxy, Cass, was gone, but Ralph was number 10 of the litter and he was still there, and my daughter said, ‘I think you’d better have him, mum’,” she said.

“He’s a good watch dog, he loves playing with his ball and he loves little kids – he’s got a lovely nature. And everybody knows Ralph – I take him for walks around town, and he’s been on Facebook a little bit too.”

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