Lisè and Tazzie

Tazzie and Lise.

Tazzie the kelpie cross staffy has nine beds – two in the loungeroom, one in the office, toilet, bathroom, bedroom and verandah and one in each car.

It is no secret Tazzie, 16, is an important part of Lisè and John Leatherbarrow’s household.

They got her at five and a half weeks old from a dairy, and at six weeks old she was so tiny, weighing 800 grams, they had to make her a little jacket out of one of John’s socks.

She goes everywhere with Lise and John and has become like a mascot for A Choired Taste, particularly when she dresses up in her elf costume for Christmas performances.

Here’s what Lisè has to say about Tazzie.

“She was a devil – the naughtiest dog. She chased the horses, and her teeth were like piranha teeth, so all my shirts were rags. She’s still naughty and won’t give up the frisbee for anything,” she said.

“She’s always loved everybody, she’s helpful, she’s smart and she’s always loved a job – she loved getting the mail when we were on the farm at Cainbable.”

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