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Under 14 Div 1: Ben Blyton, Cooper Bramston-Beadling, Aiden Unterrheiner, Robert McClure and Kane Hanley.
Under 14 Div 1: Ben Blyton, Cooper Bramston-Beadling, Aiden Unterrheiner, Robert McClure and Kane Hanley.

Beaudesert Kingfishers finished another great season of rugby league with two presentations on Saturday 10 September.

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Junior Presentations

The Junior presentations, held at Willis Park, saw all Under 6 to Under 11 players receive participation trophies, with individual awards for the older grades.

Five players received awards for 100 games – Ben Blyton, Clancy Hardy, Spencer Kummerow, Aiden Unterrheiner and Riley Verrall.

Perpetual Trophies

Joan Stratford Memorial Trophy for Mini Sportsperson of the Year for Under 7/8:  Max Hosie.

Shelton Paulson Memorial Trophy for Mod Sportsperson of the Year for Under 11/12:  Omari Tango.

A E (Girlie) Ardrey Memorial Trophy for Mod Team of the Year:  Under 10 Black.

Individual Awards U12 – U14

U12 Blue

Best Forward:  Cooper Gee

Best Back:  Declan O’Donnell

Most Improved:  Steel Cramp

Best & Fairest:  Cody Opperman

Coaches Award:  Daken Armstrong

U12 Black

Best Forward:  Mason Gibbons

Best Back:  Eamon Kummerow

Most Improved:  Riley Moore

Best & Fairest:    Jett Bright

Coaches Award:  Beau Flanagan


Best Forward:  Cooper Fallon

Best Back:  Cooper Mackenzie

Most Improved:  Joseph Seery

Best & Fairest:  Will Hamblin

Coaches Award:  Ryder Tyson

U14 Girls

Best Forward:  Abbey Unterrheiner

Best Back:  Saraya Marr

Most Improved:  Maddison Guerin

Best & Fairest:  Sienna Close Chilly

Coaches Award:  Matlida Crumblin


Best Forward:  Ben Blyton

Best Back:  Cooper Bramston Beadling

Most Improved:  Aiden Unterrheiner

Best & Fairest:  Robert McClure

Coaches Award:  Kane Hanley

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Senior Presentations

Over 300 people gathered at The Club, Beaudesert for the Kingfisher Senior presentations.

Travis Love and Isaac Hardy received framed jerseys as ‘One Club’ awardees, having played their final games as Kingfisher Juniors.

Several players were recognised, having played 100 games for the Kingfishers:  Brock George, Cody Rayward, Luke Arkinstall, Darcy Riddle, Alex Gillespie, Luke Bostock and Roy O’Halloran.

Individual Awards

U15 Div 1

Best Forward:  Poey Francis

Best Back:  Reece Gorman

Most Improved:  Franke Irgahua

Best & Fairest:  Levi Bannan – Hayden Watson

Coaches Award:  Patrick Knight

U15 Div 3

Best Forward:  Rio  Yuke

Best Back:  Mike Lane

Most Improved:  Zach Jupey Puxty

Best & Fairest:  Seth Abel

Coaches Award:  Lucas Saunders

U16 Div 1

Best Forward:  Jesse Sherriff

Best Back:  Cooper Lewis

Most Improved:  Hunter Hawkins

Best & Fairest:  Thor Barnes

Coaches Award:  Luke Bostock

U18 Div 2

Best Forward:  Dylan Haack

Best Back:  Jayden Bartlett

Most Improved:  Jacob Kurz

Best & Fairest:     Angus Holland

Coaches Award:  Issac Hardy


Best Forward:  David Parry

Best Back:  Jake Stephen

Most Improved:  Joel Howard

Best & Fairest:  Cody Watson

Coaches Award:  Jayden Fairhead

Players’ Player:     Joseph Locke


Best Forward:  Jamie Coetzee

Best Back:  Desree Fogarty

Most Improved:  Jacinta Petrohilos

Players’ Player:  Lauren Cahill

Coaches Award:  Kailee Hansen

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