Kerry Wedding Stays Afloat

Newlyweds Erin and Scott Keys celebrate their rainy wedding at Kerry. Photo by Gemma Nevin Photography.
Newlyweds Erin and Scott Keys celebrate their rainy wedding at Kerry. Photo by Gemma Nevin Photography.

If rain on your wedding day is meant to mean good luck, newlyweds Erin and Scott Keys are one of the luckiest couples around.

The Northern Territory couple were set to be married at the property of family friend Lynn Porter on Kerry Road on 26 February before heavy rains drowned out their plans.

Luckily for them, Kerry Memorial Hall was just a few doors down the road.

Erin and Scott’s friends and family, helped by locals including hall volunteers and even rural firefighters, pulled together at the last minute to transform the hall into a country themed wedding venue.

As rain pelted down on the roof above, Erin and Scott said their vows in the historic hall, which was built in 1946 by the local farming community and has stood the test of time.

The heavens continued to open as they took celebratory photos in the rain outside, with the lush hills of Kerry as their backdrop.

Erin said it was a relief to finally be married after having already endured one Covid postponement of their wedding which they have been planning since November 2020.

“We loved the idea of a country wedding theme, so our friend Lynn’s property with horses and a beautiful view of the Scenic Rim was where we wanted to get married,” she said.

“But when Lynn said her yard was basically going under it was a scramble to look around for another venue, and we were lucky we had the Kerry Hall.

“It was a really cosy, warm venue. I hadn’t seen the setup before I got there and as I walked in, I was like ‘wow, this totally fit our theme – this gorgeous little hall’.

“They say weddings can bring out the worst in people, but I really don’t think so, because we had so many people rally around the night before helping us set up.  Wendy from Beaudesert Central Motel where we stayed was very invested in the wedding, which was nice, and at the last minute we even got a local singer to come out and he kept the crowd going all night.”

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