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The Desert Fourby’s team - Ryan Hyland with Larissa and Shaun Dunn.
The Desert Fourby’s team - Ryan Hyland with Larissa and Shaun Dunn.

When the pandemic halted international travel, thousands of Queenslanders decided to truly explore their own backyard – with a four-wheel drive and caravan in tow.

Larissa and Shaun grew up in the Beaudesert area, moved away for a ten year period for work, and finally came back home three years ago to be closer to family while raising their three young children.

Shaun has always been involved with vehicles, from sales to technician positions, but it was his love for four-wheel drives that made him decide to start his own business.

“Even though my background wasn’t four-wheel drives, it was my passion. I was always building four-wheel drives and customising them, so it was always in the back of my mind if we were to ever go out on our own,” he said.

Larissa and Shaun opened Desert Fourby’s last year, at the height of the pandemic.

 “To be honest, we were really worried about the impact this would have.  However, the local support for a new small business in Beaudesert was amazing and we are extremely grateful for this from our local community,” said Shaun. 

“What we found was, due to the restrictions brought on by the pandemic, more people have been exploring all the fantastic destinations right on their doorstep, and we are happy to be able to help them do this.”

Quality is extremely important to Larissa and Shaun, which is why you will only find the best four-wheel drive brands and equipment at Desert Fourby’s.

“We specialise in servicing and maintenance of vehicles, but the fun part of the business is the accessories that we provide,” said Shaun.

“We sell and recommend ARB products and fit everything from bull bars to roof racks.”

“We also stock and fit MSA 4×4 accessories, Old Man Emu suspension, Elecbrakes for towing, and Safari products.” 

Heading into the holiday season where so many people will be four-wheel driving or camping, Shaun emphasises the most important thing for your four-wheel drive is safety.

“Ensuring your brakes are working, tyres are in good condition and everything is mechanically sound, will help you have a stress-free holiday,” he said.

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